In this podcast, Peter interviews Dr. Cathy Buletza, an intensivist (ICU Physician) and trauma surgeon who recently completed her first 100-mile race. This episode is a debrief of her experience during and after the race.

The discussion covers the adaptive stress, hormesis, super compensation, and the training effect from the event. The conversation also discusses moving forward and general health experiences.

Dr. Buletza explains her approach to health and fitness, emphasizing that she would not expect her patients to do something she wouldn't do herself. She literally has to “Walk the Talk”. Her endurance activities, including the 100-mile race, serve as an example of taking control of one’s health.

She shares her race experience, noting the extreme heat and challenging terrain, however despite the conditions, she successfully completed the race and was surprised by her lack of hunger throughout.

The conversation turns to the topic of aging, with both speakers challenging the notion that sharp decline is inevitable as one gets older. They discuss the benefits of adopting a physiologically, correct way of eating and living, thus allowing the body to respond positively to stress and, from it, adapt to become stronger.

Dr. Buletza shares her recovery experience post 100-mile. Despite initial fatigue, she bounced back quickly and was back at work within a few days.

One of the areas covered is the mental aspects of the race.  They discuss the personal experience of pushing through mental barriers during the race and the clarity of mind that comes with physical exertion and how it helps to focus on what is truly important.

Cathy discusses her upcoming birthday plans, opting for a 57.1-mile run on the Florida National Scenic Trail. She emphasizes the importance of building physical and mental capacity as one ages. They challenge the notion that aging inevitably leads to decline, citing examples from their athletes and indigenous populations who live according to their advocated lifestyle., and how indigenous populations living in alignment with their lifestyle principles experience a lack of age-related diseases and health issues commonly seen in modern society. 

This podcast highlights that through Optimizing Your Fat Metabolism, one can build the metabolic capacity to reach each individuals’ potential to reach a state of “Higher Health & Peak Performance”
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