The Golden Window

Over the course of the OFM base phase of training a key goal for any athlete is to reach the “Golden Window” of 2-3 hours of steady state aerobic exercise at a moderate effort level without requiring any exogenous calories and with stable energy levels. After the athlete should not be ravenous nor depleted. This is a VERY achievable goal for most people and, in combination the Hard Reset this places the individual in a superior metabolic state.

The time it takes to build up to this level of aerobic fitness can take as little as 2 weeks or as long as 6 weeks time and can be started after the Induction Week of the Metabolic Reset. This time line depends principally on the athletes level of fitness and degree of fat adaptation. The athlete should not attempt this during the Induction Week of the Metabolic Reset when they are struggling with their energy levels.

This should be accomplished with the sport or activity of your choice and will be part of your first big block of training after making the initial shift during the Metabolic Reset.

Once an athlete works up to this window their body will burn mostly fat every time they exercise provided they do a “Long Slow Warmup”. To maintain this level of conditioning we recommend 2-3 hours of aerobic training session every 7-10 days.

We recommend to start with 2-3 weeks of aerobic base training working up to 120 minutes steady state. If you use a Heart Rate monitor use the Modified Maffetone Method to determine your “Fat Max” HR for these base workouts and do not exceed.

Thereafter, depending upon one’s condition, the next 3-4 weeks 2-3 workouts should include high intensity intervals, or tempo training after the LSW and followed by a cooldown.  On these workouts it is advisable to push your HR during the higher intensity portions of your workouts. Be sure to get adequate rest/recovery/adaptation. These workouts will allow you to push not only your endurance envelope but your performance envelope by expanding your fat burning aerobic envelope into higher intensity levels.

Consume a pouch of VESPA 30-45 minutes prior to accelerate the process and speed recovery. Always take the time to warm up instead of going hard from the beginning of your exercise.

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