Diane Cridennda, DOM L.Ac. FABORM

My BIG Why

Diane Head Shot

I’ve accumulated a lifetime of experience in health and performance with over 50 years as a healthcare professional and 40 as an athlete. I started with my career track as an X-Ray/Imaging Technician but when personal health challenges were not being addressed by allopathic western medicine and oriental medicine solved those issues I changed careers to become a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. 

Over the past 28 years I’ve helped innovate and integrate these ancient practices into Western medicine to help thousands of people. My proudest professional accomplishment is developing acupuncture protocols which help women who are having difficulty starting a family conceive and bear children. 

In the past few years I sold my practice and have transitioned out of working full-time to focus on athletic and other pursuits. 

That being said, I am passionate about helping others in their health journey and want to remain active and engaged in helping others attain and maintain their health and vitality. One way is to lead by example. Another is to contribute my experience and insights to the OFM Program. 

OFM completely changed the trajectory of my performance and health. Prior to 2013, I was following the ‘expert’ and ‘science based’ diet and nutritional guidelines and suffering the energy swings, GI issues and slow recovery from my races. I went from “willing” myself across the finish line to winning my age group with a smile on my face. I’ve now got a decade of experience training, competing and living OFM and it has allowed me to consistently perform in and enjoy every aspect of my Life. On the other hand I see so many athletes continue to struggle following the conventional approach when their challenges are entirely preventable. . . 

This is why I am proud to be a part of this Team that is dedicated to changing the trajectory of health and performance. 

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