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I used to ask myself " Why go on?". I wasn't looking for a reason to continue but a reason to quit. I began battling depression in one form or another in December 1969 at the age of ten, just days after my mother passed away. Throughout my teen years I isolated myself becoming a loner. I wasn't always depressed but rode a roller coaster of highs and lows. I graduated high school at 110lbs and engaged. After marriage when the lows would come I would push Barb, my wife, away and find comfort in solitude and food. Within a year I was 200lbs and comfortable in my misery. This roller coaster of emotional highs and lows continued for most of my life, often thinking there was no way out. I kept getting fatter and lazier, often finding the bottom as the best place. I did not want to come out of my darkness.

I never realized how much my family was suffering because of my own darkness. When my first granddaughter was born I began to change. I found a reason to rejoin my family. However, I had done a lot of damage to my health. Over 300 lbs, high blood pressure, cholesterol and others. My physical age may have been in the early 50's but I looked 70. My doctor agreed. But, though I tried, I could not get myself to commit to change. 

Then the Panic-demic hit. I was told that I was in the high risk group. That's when I said enough is enough. I began walking until my feet couldn't take it anymore then I started cycling. Though I had lost some weight by exercise alone, it was not enough. I found Keto. The weight started to fall off. Then the shortcomings of keto became apparent. I would get exhausted after 20 or 30 miles. I was constantly needing to take fuel with me to complete long rides. My Keto lunchbox on the back of my bike. There had to be a better way.

While on Facebook, I ran across a post about Vespa/OFM. I linked over to Youtube and found Peters vlogs. During those first couple videos something triggered inside. I got excited. I knew this was my answer. Ordered the advertised $20 sample of Vespa. After my first 2 rides using Vespa I knew that my goal of getting fit would happen. After finishing two 100k rides I realized that both days I never ate my lunches. It happened without even thinking about it. That was the point when I knew that I wanted to be part of OFM. I watched every video available. began using strategic carbs on my rides. With Vespa, salt and water a 62 mile ride was a 3 or 4 time a week event. 100+ mile rides with a few carbs throughout was one of and still is a favorite ride. Only thing I would do differently, if I could, would have been to get a hold of the OFM team sooner.

I was never that great athlete we all admire. I was just an everyday guy, struggling and making my way through life. I am now turning 65. Some may say that I am too old to make big changes in lifestyle. That may be true, had I stayed the course of doing it on my own. I wasn't on my own the last 2 years. I found a team at OFM. If this ole boy can find a way out of that dark place and get ahold of my health, you too can do it.

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