Tash Fraser - My BIG Why

When I first started to run it was my only coping mechanism for any of life's stresses and as a result it took me some time to develop more sustainable training practices.

Through trial and error I have worked out what works best for my running but if I had of had some more support and guidance through this time the ride would have been a lot less bumpy! One of the biggest benefits of being coached is that there is always someone looking at the bigger picture for you.

I became a Coach because I realized a lot of runners were working extremely hard at their training to get relatively small improvements and with the right adjustments this situation can be completely changed.

I am a level 2 Intermediate Recreational Running Coach with Athletics Victoria and have a special interest in Road Ultra running.

I am an OFM Coach because it is a way of fueling and training that I strongly believe is superior for athlete as it eliminates the need for bulky fuels and unavoidable GI distress

Athletics Australia Accredited Level 2 Recreational Running Coach Tash Fraser

From Sedentary Beginnings...

I had very sedentary beginnings, had a love hate relationship with food and would binge eat to help deal with being so unhappy about where I was at in life.

After hitting a real low point as a teen I was lucky enough to discover running and even though I started to run for purely superficial reasons the mental benefits I received (and continue to receive) from the sport have changed my life completely.
I firmly believe anyone is capable of being a runner and achieving any goal they set their mind to, they just need to give their body consistency and time to adapt. Saying that patience is generally not a virtue we all carry and this is where I think a Coach is the most valuable investment a runner can make.

I started my running journey aiming to jog/walk around Lake Wendouree and since then have had the pleasure of representing Australia in the 50/100K on numerous occasions, broke the 50K World Record on a treadmill and achieved some personal bests at distances from 5-100k. For me there is nothing more exciting than helping others discover that their potential is actually limitless!

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