Peter Defty – My Big Why

Peter Defty - My BIG Why

Why? Humans are meant to metabolize fat for their aerobic energy source as well as for virtually all physiological functions. This is Why.

But there is a much larger 'Why.'   In our cleverness and ingenuity we humans have moved our metabolism and physiology so far from our natural evolutionary heritage we have impaired our overall health and performance.

Working with OFM Athletes to achieve the real world results what we see compels me to continue developing the OFM Model.

We are meant to be robust. You are meant to be robust. We have the genetic material to perform at every level because this is what got us humans here to the world we live in today. 

One of my original 'Why's' were the 'Early Adopters' of OFM. Many of these athletes were broken or severely compromised by the conventional approaches. They did not approach me until they had exhausted the conventional remedies and simply had no other options. They were intelligent enough to recognize the conventional approaches and remedies were not working so were willing to try something completely different.  

Not only did we correct their issues but their performance skyrocketed, injuries and issues disappeared and the benefits percolated into every aspect of their lives. Their health & performance turnarounds combined with their gratitude kept me forging ahead in spite of the dismissal, economic hardship and outright ridicule because this was real and not 'anecdotal' to these athletes.   As I delved into the physiology of fat & carbohydrate metabolism I realized what I was/am doing made perfect sense within the context of a natural biological systems approach while the conventional  high carbohydrate approach was/is a recipe for the eventual issues that feed various economic engines.

We are meant to be robust. You are meant to be robust. We have the genetic material to perform at every level because this is what got us humans here to the world we live in today.  The very ingenuity that got us here also has worked to compromise our 'Health Wealth' to create financial wealth by compromising us to where our image of what is healthy actually is a great long term revenue extraction model to 'sell' us a plethora of 'healthy' foods, supplements, programs, clothing, technology,  medical, health and eventually treatments for the issues which will inevitably develop on a conventional approach. 

My Purpose, my 'Why,'  is to simply be your Guide not an internet Guru to help You get back to your evolutionary heritage to achieve YOUR Health & Performance Potential.

It's time for a revolution. Why?, because we have gotten things completely wrong by placing our focus on diet and exercise instead of physiology and metabolism. We have gotten things wrong by focusing on 'science' rather than individual application in the real world. Diet, exercise, science are tools. Your individual needs are unique and dynamic.  

In other words I am out to change the world and, fortunately, I have great people around me who 'Get it' and have joined for the same reason; to get you, the committed individual to achieve your health & performance potential. 

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