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Five years ago, I was in full metabolic syndrome (pre-diabetes). At the urging of my doctor, I started down the path of fat adaptation which is the only treatment shown to reverse metabolic syndrome. Eighteen months later my lab results documented a complete reversal. It would be difficult to maintain this lifestyle if great lab results were the only positive. But it was my performance in 2 half Ironman’s, where in one I broke a 16-year-old PR and by receiving a 2nd in age group in Ironman Chattanooga that made it all worthwhile.

Athletic performance was not the only area of improvement. My overall health and wellbeing have stayed consistent, and the aging process has dramatically slowed down. My metabolic and training age is consistently in the high 50’s, but the calendar says I’m 71.

As a pharmacist, I have seen many changes in healthcare in the last 40 years. “Big Pharma” used to focus their research on “cures” of diseases, but now their focus is on developing ways to manage chronic illness. There is no money in cures, they are now looking for customers, lifetime customers.

My Big Why is to share how OFM can not only improve your athletic performance, but can add quality years to your life and wellbeing.

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