Dr Linda Frazier - My BIG Why

I have been increasingly concerned about the high rates of obesity in
the US and the predictions that way more than half of adults will have
Type 2 diabetes in the next decade.  Two parts to this concern: 1. So
much lost life - younger deaths, but also the deteriorated quality of
life in Type 2 diabetes - blindness, failed kidneys requiring dialysis,
lost limbs, debilitation, shortened work life, ill retirement when work
life ends early.  2.  We can't afford this - the cost of the
medications, lost work years, dialysis, nursing home care, etc. will
completely absorb our budget in the future - leaving education, national
security and other worthwhile budget items out of luck.  OR, we ration

Then, glucose intolerance is also associated with increase in heart disease, increase in inflammatory conditions (like autoimmune diseases), cancer, and probably, also, age-related dementia.  We are well aware that THE major risk factors for death from Covid were obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

So, I see young mothers in the grocery store who are overweight (often, significantly so) and worry - Will you get to see your grandchildren? Even if you live that long...will you get to play with them? Travel with them?  It just breaks my heart.

I can't completely blame the individuals.  Yes, they know they are overweight and under-fit, but the official advice given by the powers that be has been blatantly incorrect for decades now.  6-11 servings/day of grains and cereals?  That's ridiculous.  It's basically 6-11 servings/day of sugar with a few vitamins added in.  That is NOT nutrition.

It's not like this is new.  Atkins had it partly correct.  Loren Cordain was published in the Mayo Clinical Proceedings in 2004 talking about the Paleo diet.  South Beach was another move in the right direction (late 1990s or so). Primal, Keto, etc, all were trying to get ahold of the same concept.  We are poisoning ourselves with carbs - it's sugar; it's metabolized as sugar and requires insulin to get it into our cells.  Too much - and our systems can't cope - into the fat cells it goes.

I've shared with a few friends and family members my thoughts, but try not to get on a soapbox.  Most people don't want to hear it...or aren't ready to hear it.  But you asked, Peter, so here I am...

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