Dr. Johnathon Edwards - My BIG Why

I am proud to be part of the OFM Team through my years of conversations and shared ideas with Peter Defty and our many adventures. along with seeing and experiencing the results this program yields. The synergies each team member brings make OFM unique and unparalleled in achieving health & performance.

Constantly staying ahead of conventional diet & exercise approaches, our innovative and collaborative environment are why this program is generating results beyond what is considered possible. At age 50, I am continually functioning at higher levels while keeping my physiologic age young!

I have coached many athletes throughout the years using the principles of OFM, helping them to become stronger and more resilient. At the beginning, I was just focused on recovering from a major accident and improving endurance and decreasing inflammation, but committing to the principles of OFM has been a great journey that I will continue for the rest of my life.

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