Dr. Cathy Buletza - My BIG Why

For over two decades I’ve been on the front lines as a trauma surgeon and intensive care unit physician, treating the sickest patients with the most advanced medicines and procedures on the planet. But while modern medicine can truly be miraculous in an emergency situation, it has utterly failed in preventing chronic disease and in keeping people healthy. As evidenced by the rates of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity, general health is getting worse, decreasing the quality of daily life AND making us more susceptible to novel and unexpected environmental threats. Worst of all, most people have come to accept this decline as a “normal” part of getting older.

But although it’s something we’ve grown used to, disease is NOT normal. As my personal journey, experience and understanding of truly normal physiology has grown, I now recognize that optimizing fat metabolism is THE FOUNDATION to building robust and enduring metabolic health: Thus, OFM addresses human health AT ITS CORE.

My lifelong dedication to Medicine and my own transformation with OFM now drive me to help YOU live your true normal. Professionally, I prefer to be out on the FRONT end of healthcare keeping you out of the hospital and ICU rather than be on the BACK end trying to ease symptoms of diseases which are almost entirely preventable. Ethically and more importantly, I want YOU to get on the front end of YOUR health and performance potential so YOU can enjoy true and lasting well being in every aspect of your life.

So which doctor would you like to see: Dr. Cathy the surgeon/ICU doc with a scalpel ready to cut you open or intubate you to “save” you, or the Dr. Cathy who can empower you to be the best version of yourself you can be?

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