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Gracia Dos Ramos

Changing lives!

My driving force in coaching is rooted in the belief that individuals possess untapped potential for growth and transformation. Witnessing the journey of self-discovery and empowerment is immensely fulfilling. I am motivated by the opportunity to guide and support others in realizing their goals, unlocking their capabilities, and navigating challenges with resilience. Coaching, for me, is a collaborative process that goes beyond skill development; it's about inspiring confidence, fostering self-awareness, and helping individuals create meaningful and lasting positive change in their lives.

My profound motivation for embracing the Optimum Performance Training (OFM) philosophy lies in its holistic approach to health and performance. The core principles of optimizing nutrition, enhancing endurance, and prioritizing overall well-being resonate deeply with my belief in a balanced and sustainable lifestyle. OFM's emphasis on fueling the body efficiently aligns with my commitment to promoting lasting, impactful changes that extend beyond immediate fitness goals. I am driven by the prospect of guiding individuals toward a state of optimal performance, where they not only achieve physical excellence but also cultivate a foundation for enduring health and vitality.

One of my greatest personal achievements and life changing moments was my completing Ironman and 100 km Skyrun Mountain race, while living this lifestyle. These races stretch your resilience and patience to the utmost, teaching you to endure and not to give up, this is something I will pursue still for many years to come

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Gracia dos Ramos 

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