Evolution: A simple case for a complex subject

Because OFM represents a complete shift in how we look at human health and performance this requires both the willingness to step back from one’s own preconceived notions and biases as well as embrace a completely different approach.

Bear in mind innovation is initially met with skepticism and ridicule. We’ve been there and are there. Long before the rise of “Keto” OFM was being ridiculed as viable for health and athletic performance. Today, with ‘keto’ all the rage, OFM is ‘Beyond Keto’ pioneering the next steps in human health and performance.

The case for optimizing fat metabolism is a strong one. For most of human existence this was our default physiology, however, Humans did consume a variety of plant based foods when they were available during brief and sporadic periods throughout the seasons when fruit was ripe or berries were ripe, or tubers were ripe. This infrequent consumption of carbohydrates did not impact fat our metabolism because the timeframe consisted of days not decades.

Unlike other diet, exercise or diet & exercise regimens out there, including “keto” and “paleo,” OFM is individualized for YOU, rather than the individual adapt to the latest trendy diet.

OFM looks at every aspect of the individual’s life situation to develop an integrated approach to getting the body back to burning fat as the primary aerobic energy source the way Nature intended. Certainly diet and exercise play large role, however, they are not the only factors involved in reclaiming your ability to metabolize fat rather than constantly store it.

Science, by definition, is limited by the existing body of science to date. Furthermore, scientific methodology tests and retests a specific hypothesis while controlling other variables. On the other hand the real world is a completely different environment, one complicated by variables many of which are dynamic. OFM recognizes and effectively addresses the dynamic reality of real-world performance using science as a tool.



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