It's what YOU haven't been told that really matters!

This e-book reveals the inevitable dead-end of modern high-carbohydrate 'nutrition' for sport


In this guide you will learn:

  • Why using lots of carbs is not the best source of energy for your performance or health and the real long-term consequences from a high-carb diet. 
  • How you have a limitless reservoir of stored energy and why it is imperative you get your body back to burning fat as fuel the way Nature intended. 
  • Why you Bonk, Hit the Wall, have GI distress and how to avoid it.
  • Once fat adapted how 'strategic' carbohydrates can and do enhance performance using less and without the negative consequences.

About OFM and Peter Defty

Peter has pioneered the concept of fat adapted performance since 2000 first personally, then using running friends, then professionally when he joined Vespa.  He now heads an incredible team of coaches helping athletes achieve their best performance and health.

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