Unleashing Your Limitless Metabolic Potential 

In this limited live call series you will learn

  • How returning our body back to it's "normal" physiology will unleash untold health and performance benefits
  • Actionable tips you can start implementing right away to transform your Metabolic potential
  • The Longevity Roadmap - extending your lifespan while performing at a high level well into your "golden years".
  • The Disease Elixir - the key to reversing and never facing your traditional "chronic diseases" that the establishment view as normal

Live Calls

22nd May, Monday - 5pm PST / 7pm CST / 8pm EST -  
Balancing ICU/Trauma Surgery With Ultra Endurance Training & Racing with Dr Cathy

24th May, Wednesday - 5pm PST / 7pm CST / 8pm EST -
High Performance At Work and on the Track with Jesse Haynes

25th May, Thursday - 2.30pm PST / 4.30pm CST / 5.30pm EST -
Longevity - performing at high level into your 60’s with Roxanne Woodhouse

Your Host


Peter Defty

Peter Defty is the original developer of the OFM Program/Protocol. Peter pioneered the concept of fat adapted performance in 2000 first personally, then using running friends as guinea pigs then professionally when he joined Vespa.

From the onset athletes began to win, podium and set records using Vespa and the OFM protocol, and since then he has continued to refine and enhance his protocols.  Now OFM not only represents high level performance, the long term benefits inlude improving longevity, vitality and reversing chronic illness.