The Zen of OFM

When the OFM athlete integrates these 7 basic elements into their individualized OFM Program, they achieve a certain level of “OFM Zen” or “The Zen of OFM.”   Athletes who achieve this state intuitively and instinctively know what to do (how to eat, what to eat and when, how to train, when and how to recover) and achieve a balance in their lives, which allows them to face the challenges in their sport, profession and personal lives with focus, quiet confidence and resolve. As any athlete knows, performance is as much mental as physical and, at times, more so. This is possible through the fundamental physiological shift VESPA and fat-adaptation / keto-adaptation provides the brain. The mental focus and clarity of thought are some of the benefits most athletes comment on, when they first begin using VESPA and as they adapt more and more to “fat as fuel.” This consistently heightened level of mental clarity only improves over time. The fat-adapted physiology of the OFM athlete is such that a large reserve of aerobic capacity primed to burn fat, actually allows a large range of tolerance for occasional, less than optimal, dietary choices and/or availability. Largely due to the sharply reduced inflammation, OFM athletes develop the sensitivity to recognize the impacts of poor diet, overtraining, chronic or acute stress, or a lack of rest/recovery. While arriving at “The Zen of OFM” is the pinnacle of the OFM program, it is “The Awakening” or “The Beginning” for the athlete into a new realm of overall fitness, performance and health.