Stomach & Gut Health

Stomach & Gut Health

Stomach and Gut Health is the 5th wheel and 3rd Tier of the OFM program. Developed because many of the “early adopters” of VESPA arrived on our doorstep having run out of options in their nutrition and fueling options, due to gastrointestinal issues. Sound familiar?

Extensive research and empirical work with athletes led us to include this as one of the 7 tiers of the OFM Pyramid because the subject is so crucial to performance and health. Any athlete who is doing substantial volume of training & competing, plus using a conventional athletic diet high in carbohydrates and low in fat is severely impacting their stomach and gut along with the microbiome residing there.

Under the OFM program, when the athlete understands how to eat, fuel, hydrate, and fast (re: Intermittent Fasting), the stomach and gut health is optimized, including the biome. This reduces the potential for stomach and gut issues during competition, allowing the athlete to focus on performance. Additionally, research strongly suggests enhanced stomach and gut health reduce allergic pro-inflammatory reactions, auto-immune responses, and breaks down many pathogenic viruses and & bacteria before they enter the bloodstream, rendering them harmless.

Additionally, it is now understood there are many complex interactions of the stomach and gut biome with specific peptides and & hormones and that these interactions are important to performance and health.