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If you want:

  • Longevity: Slow the aging process to a crawl and even feel like you are decades younger!
  • To perform at a high level, be stronger, faster and be able to stay in your sport into your older years.
  • To reverse chronic conditions and regain your health
  • To reach your peak health and live life to the fullest! 
  • To reach your natural weight and health without the need for strict macro watching and potions

You are in the right place!

The Key to Your Peak Health & Performance

It is quite simple, the pathway of optimal health and performance is not sustainably found through excessive training, reliance on intricate dieting programs, or taking every supplement under the sun because their is a paper suggesting some miraculous benefit.

Most of all it is not found in an 'app'. . . LIFE is meant to be LIVED!

We've abandoned this basic tenet of our Humanity for the convenience of modern life and this has eroded our health. It's time to restore your body back to your NATURAL metabolism.   When you are metabolically fit, your body will not be reliant on high calorie yet nutritional wasteland foods, nor will you have to rely on external fuel/food during your physical activities to prevent crashing, bonking or hitting the wall.  You will be burning the fuel you are meant to burn - FAT.  

By doing so you'll shift far away from burning sugar, thus preventing the oxidative stress and lactate load which leads to a 'cascading effect' of ever increasing inflammation and reliance on glucose leading to so many "modern day" chronic illnesses.

Through focusing on optimized fat metabolism (OFM) you'll reclaim your native physiology. This gives you the solid foundation to use as a springboard to reach your individual goals of 'Higher Health & Peak Performance' . . . and then go beyond!

For Athletes you will :

  • Eliminate Bonking
  • Eliminate GI Issues
  • Dramatically reduce recovery by preventing the cellular damage of burning glucose
  • Be able to perform better/longer and get stronger/faster as you age
  • Hit your peak performance WITHOUT sacrificing your health . . .in most cases you'll enhance it!

For those SERIOUS about health:

  • Slow down the aging process
  • Minimize inflammation, a key contributor of chronic disease
  • Reverse chronic conditions
  • Lose excess weight, manage hunger and get fitter
  • Live  LIFE rather than chase metrics, calculate macros and stress about everythng you put in your mouth! 

We are the pioneers of Metabolic Health

Peter is one of the pioneers in fat adaptation for performance. Even though the adverse effects of high carb/sugar intake is becoming more known and the 'keto' diet is in vogue,  restricting carbohydrates sounded like "spooky science" 22 years ago.  Like any true innovator Peter was roundly ridiculed and dismissed by the "experts" even though athletes were consistently winning and setting Course Records at many of the most prestigious ultra-endurance competitions utilizing the OFM approach. In 2010  Doctors Stephen Phinney, MD / PhD and Jeff Volek RD / PhD , two of the World's leading researchers in Ketogenic Diets, took notice and made a point to discuss Peter's work in "The Art & Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance" as well as use his pool of  OFM athletes for the ground-breaking "FASTER" study.  Peter's work goes "Beyond Keto" and so will you by learning and experiencing OFM!

Now Peter and his team are bringing their ground breaking protocols to anybody who commits to their journey to "Higher Health & Peak Performance".  Rather, OFM empowers you with an individualized pathway so you can let go and LIVE!

Stephen Losey shares his journey from fat kid to an obese, out of shape, adult to a Boston Qualifying marathoner who is getting faster as he goes . . . and without a restrictive diet!

Marci Zavala, a 46 years young wife and mother of two teenage boys, and currently a 4 time World Champion in Brazilian Jui Jitsu. Take note in Marci's 'glow' and youthful exuberance!

Bart is running Ultra's at 75 and defying the aging process . . . he recently completed a 50 miler in under 12 hours, a goal which eluded him until Vespa.

Your Metabolic Journey

feel younger and stronger

Think of Glucose as your "Fight or Flight" fuel because this is exactly what glucose is and is a quick to access energy source. But this has a cost. While a little glucose metabolism can be a healthy adaptive stressor to get fitter and improve fat metabolism ("Strategic" Carbs), too much accelerates the aging process due to oxidative stress, lactate load, inflammation, and glycation.

Spoiler Alert: There is a reason why Advanced Glycated Endproducts have the acronym "AGE's . . . because they really do age you!

Getting you back to metabolizing fat gives the body the right fuel and elements  to optimize the preservation, repair and building at a cellular level. YOU are meant to metabolize fats.

This goes far beyond energy production because, unlike glucose, fats (lipids & cholesterols) play vital roles in the makeup of your cells, hormones and enzymes. Practically every process that makes up who you are is created through fat metabolism. This is the Foundation of Metabolic Health.

Your body will no longer be in a state or chronic inflammation which eventually leads to chronic disease and can now fully engage the parasympathetic nervous system and limphatic drainage to cleanse and heal.

Take it from our Heroes who have made their "Heroes Journey"  to "Higher Health & Peak Performance!"

take control of your health

If you are here, you realize modern healthcare is actually 'sickcare'. It is miraculous for keeping sick people alive and attenuating the symptoms but prevention and even reversal, not so much. 

It is time to take back control of your health and, with the proper guidance, you can. This is why we are your Guides and not Gurus to empower you to take back the sovereignty of your Health. 

Our bodies have a remarkable capacity to heal, restore and build when given the right inputs. This is not a diet, training program, miracle pill or lifestyle but a matrix of dynamic variables individualized so you can reclaim, sustain and build your metabolic capacity so prevent and even reverse disease.  

OFM builds and supports your immune system function. Even the common cold and other viral maladies are much less of a threat by optimizing fat metabolism because viruses replicate glycolytically. Cells programmed to burn glucose like most people on a SAD diet and sedentary lifestyle are inviting viral replication whereas cells programmed to burn fat are not such a hospitable environment for viral replication

The choice is pretty simple when you think about it. Are you going to seek the advice of the experts treating people with acute conditions or be guided by those who are "Leadng the Science" - Jeff Volek RD/PhD and whose acolytes are shining examples of health and performance no matter their age.

save money

Yes, that is right . . . OFM saves you $$$!

While there is an initial investment for the coursework,  coaching and the foundation supplemental support the OFM approach, like any smart investment, will pay huge dividends including an overall reduction in your basic cost of living. 

 First and foremost, the OFM protocols are individualized to work for you in the context of your life.

That being said, the combination of the metabolic shift and dietary approach to OFM are such that you will be consuming a LOT less foods and beverages and, as importantly, you will be consuming foods and beverages that are in their fresh / whole food forms which most often turn out to be the lowest cost and best value.  You can make things as low cost or expensive as you like but the point is OFM does not require expensive oils and organic/grass fed/non-GMO/Plant based/Free Range complications like the Keto and Paleo approach. . . these often turn out to be stressor that affect your metabolism. 

By foucsing on Nutritional Balance you'll be getting all you need without the extra calories you don't need. Our individualized supplementation protocols support the diet and individual to achieve this.

By consuming a whole foods diet you'll be getting most of your needs met, however, because most of the modern western world has abandoned many traditional foods which are vital to robust health and our modern food production systems are not optimal for nutritional content some level of basic supplementation is highly recommended based upon your individual profile.

Even with the recommended supplements, you will see long term savings in food, supplements, fuel and medications.

However, by far the biggest dividend is the priceless value of robust health you will see through optimizing your fat metabolism. 

access to the secrets of champions

You will benefit from the 22+ years of real world research and development by champion and age group ultra-endurance athletes. Consistently, these athletes have enjoyed robust health and consistent winning performance without breaking down and suffering from injuries, GI issues or metabolic challenges normally associated with endurance sports.

In fact, many of our athletes have found they have not only been able to reverse challenges they had prior to making the switch but have gotten stronger, fitter and faster!

We take what we test and learn at the very outer edges of Human Performance to help you reclaim your native physiology. Then OFM builds your Metabolic Capacity to give you the metabolic flexibility you need so you are not beholden to strict and highly structured programs.

You will have access to the same protocols used by people like Jeff Browning - who recently won the Moab 240 mile race at the age of 51 or Beth Hodges James, who at the age of 56, completed the Kona IronMan World Championships pulling and pushing her adult daughter, Liza, as a Challenged Athlete Team!

Jessica Rohlman - used Vespa as fuel to deal with Gluten intolerance - now kicking PB's and is in the best shape

See Jeff's story from Carb Loading to Diabetes to Keto to Fat Adaptation, how he feels 20 years younger and his performance had improved.

[ESTONIA] Aet Kiisla, a University Professor and Ultra-runner who discusses her journey from Carb loading to Low Carb, and then Fat adaptation to VESPA +Fat Adaptation.

The Metabolic Reset Program

Claim Your Metabolic Health  for as little as $149

  • Special Classroom 28 Day video and information course designed to help you reset your Metabolic state.
  • Daily/Weekly Assignments and Challenges - via email 
  • Private Facebook Community full of Metabolic Resetters who will give you support
  • Supplementation Guide To Help You Integrate 

DIY - $149


  • Access to the Online Learning Centre
  • Access to the closed Facebook Group
  • All the benefits above


  • Access to the Online Learning Centre
  • Access to the closed Facebook Group
  • All of the benefits above


  • 2 x Bonus 30min 1-2-1 calls with an OFM coach.

Is the Metabolic Reset going to be too hard for me

The underlying theme to the OFM program is, in a word, “balance”. Whether you are looking at the stomach & gut biome, hormones, Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids, macro-nutrient profile, training versus recovery, water to electrolytes, balancing your life load to your training load, achieving a balance is in play.

I am worried about eliminating carbs

Need external carbs? . . . technically no.What separates OFM from Keto and Low Carb is once we get the athlete metabolically shifted to buring fat as fuel and build their aerobic capacity & threshold as well as their overall cardiovascular Carbs are brought back in 'Strategically' to provide that quick burning energy on top of a massive aerobic fat burning base. Through optimizing fat metabolism for performance and health the body can produce and metabolize all 3 principle energy substrates; fat, ketones and glucose. Through this optimization the liver even synthesizes glucose from fat to meet the metabolic need. This dramatically reduces the dependence upon external calories as a significant source of energy.

Does OFM cause Ketoacidosis?

No. ketoacidosis is a rare and dangerous medical condition that mainly occurs in people with type 1 diabetes if they are ill. OFM will have you in in and out of a state of nutritional ketosis but OFM is not a Keto Diet. OFM is much more. Ketosis is a natural and safe state for most people under full control of their diet and training.

Will this affect my exercise and energy levels?

During the first couple of weeks when you are switching from a compromised physiology to OFM, your training capacity will most likely be reduced. After a couple of weeks of adaptation most OFM participants are able to return to a normal training or exercise level. They note sustained energy , more focus and improved recovery, however, at this point many lose or do not experience the explosive power they expect. This is developed in the Adaptation Phase where we develop both power and stamina.

Will this protocol leave me nutrient deficient?

NO! OFM actually devotes the 2nd Tier of the OFM Pyramid to 'Nutrition NOT Calories to address this issue. You will learn how to replace the junk, nutrionally empty and inflammatory foods currently in your diet with nutritious foods to achieve dietary balance. And while it is theoretically possible to get all your nutrition from food the reality is most people do not have a lifestyle which facilitates the balanced nutrition of OFM or won't consume certain foods like liver, etc. To cover these gaps we've developed the OFM supplementation protocols. We don't recommend a plethora of confusing supplements, only the one you need to fill in the gaps so you can perform optimally. After two decades of pioneering fat adaptation we .

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